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ALERT Radio System

A145.160-136.5Santiago Peak Great So. Cal coverage
B145.160-156.7Newport BeachSuper 2M coastal coverage
C445.400-110.9Signal Peak     Super UHF coastal coverage
D446.900-123.0Sierra Peak     So Cal coverage
E446.900-110.9Santiago Peak So. Cal Coverage
F446.900-156.7Signal Peak     Super UHF OC/LA/SD & coastal coverage
G445.400-DMRAnaheim Hills   Digital DMR (Testing)
H446.900-136.5Las Vegas Las Vegas (N. Lake Mead area)
K445.400-136.5Irvine        Low level
L446.960-136.5        Baker       Barstow to Vegas coverage

Tune to 446.900 MHz.  Any upcoming earthquakes that are level 3.0 or higher in the So. Cal area will come through your radio's speaker. Reception for this tone is So. Cal.

                               BARN System Afiliate Sites

RptFreqCTCSSLocationLinked             Description
1447.540-100.0Santiago Peak Yes          Great So. Cal coverage
2449.340-136.5Onyx Peak       Yes          Great Hi Desert coverage
3449.950-136.5Upper Potosi     No          Barstow to St. George cov.
4447.540-136.5Mt. Crossman   Yes          Great Lk. Havasu City cov.
5447.560-136.5Oat Mtn.    No          Ventura, SFV, LA coverage
6447.560-100.0Mt. Palomar       No  Great San Diego coverage
7446.720-100.0Mt. Otay            No          Great San Diego coverage

BARN System status:  
All repeaters are working.
Also some other cool freqs to use when in San Diego

8449.440-       107.2 Mt. Otay     No   OPEN
9449.120-100.0Mt. Otay     No   OPEN

The Repeaters listed above are Closed/Private for members use.  These Repeaters are available at any time for non-members use for emergencies.